Editorial Principles

1. The language of manuscripts which are sent to the Journal should be in English.

2. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal must not be as such that had been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. The manuscripts produced from papers presented in congresses and symposiums, or the abstract of papers were been published which can be published in the Journal, if this situation is stated in first page of the manuscript.

3. Manuscripts should be submitted online through the Journal website.

4. Acceptance of an article for publication automatically transfers copyright of the article to the Business and Economics Research Journal. Accepted or published articles cannot be duplicated or published without written permission of the Business and Economics Research Journal. However, it can be quoted by the condition of showing the reference.

5. For copyright of the articles that are published in the Journal, royalty do not pay to the author(s).

6. The overall responsibility for the published articles belongs to the author(s) of the articles.

7. Manuscripts that are sent to the Journal should be suitable for spelling and grammar rules. The Editor or Editorial Board, if necessary, has a right to required changes relevant to form or content of article from the author(s).