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Scholar Journals are an independent organization created for the purpose of promoting the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of business and technology and providing a perfect circumstance for researchers and scientists in academia, university and industry to present their latest research findings in every genre of business and technology to all people. Scholar Journals bring together dozens of researchers and scientists who are passionately committed to helping people appreciate the value of business and technology. Scholar Journals have grown to include schools, teachers, students, and project advisors from around the world: individuals who share the passion for business and technology.

Scholar Journals organize and sponsor high quality international conferences, workshop, seminars and provides technical support; it also publishes high quality academic & research international journals in Business, Accounting, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Social Science.

Scholar Journals invite you to join and work on the scientific and technical committees of the conferences and journals editorial boards. Membership in the Scholar Journals scientific and technical committees can open windows of opportunity for your professional growth and development. Scholar Journals give scientists and researchers the power to enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional options through special scientific and technical committees and divisions, and numerous occasions for scientific and technical exchange with colleagues. Welcome to www.scholarjournals.com and have a look at how you can make publication for yourself.